The Transfer application is used to encode closed captions into video using a hardware encoder or optionally overwrite closed captions of a video asset residing an Omneon/Harmonics server.

The transfer application can be used to convert timed caption files to the ProCAP and SCC file formats. Time caption files can be encoded automatically, driven by video time code, or manually.

Features Summary

  • ProCAP, Cheetah .CAP, SCC, PBS .TDS, NCI, .CIN file format supported
  • Adrienne time code reader card supported for automatic video time code driven encoding
  • Manual start and manual timed encoding supported
  • ProCAP transfer and SCC file export supported
  • Direct connect to encoder and modem connect to encoder supported
  • Caption capture through encoder supported
  • Option for overwriting closed caption track of video asset residing on an Omneon/Harmonics server


  1. Start transfer application.
  2. Select closed caption source file.
  3. For manual encode select mode, if required, queue source video.
  4. Use GO to start encoding.
  5. For automatic timed encoding captions will be encoded according to source time code.
  6. For manual start captions will be encoded based on user start command.
  7. For manual timing each caption is sent out as commanded.
  8. For omneon encode selected caption file overwrites captions on matching video asset residing on omneon server.
  9. STOP is used to end encoding.